Something different.


A country that seems distant, different, unwelcoming if not even to be avoided, and actually has a unique charm for those who love to discover something different from their own culture.

It would take a hundred photos just to show what Beijing is, a perfect union of history and modernity, which often frightens for its size and smog and instead turned out to be a very liveable city that allows to perfectly get in touch with the Chinese lifestyle (and pollution is not perceived as much more than in Milan). 


A thousand photos would be needed to understand what it means to walk under the skyscrapers of the Business District of Shanghai, a city that is usually seen only in films; what it feels like to walk on the Great Wall of China; what is the immense Terracotta Army of Xi'an and the fairytale limestone landscape of Guilin. 


But above all you need a million photos (and photos wouldn't even be enough) to describe the chaos that reigns in the streets, people who push and scream in an incomprehensible language, the hot steamed dumplings, tiny food stores, ideograms, the disorder of the less touristic alleys and the indoctrinated mentality of the Chinese, convinced and proud of their country, who believe the most beautiful in the world.