A Bedouin story.


What struck me about these "caught at the moment" shots is the context in which they fits: children are beginning their life in a world totally different from the one we are used to (it's not so common to see a boy riding a mule), but their expression, serene and barely smiling, transmits, in the eyes of a stranger like I was at that moment, a feeling of tranquility and peace. 

During the days I spent in Jordan, I tried to focus my attention and my shots on the daily life of Bedouin families who live inside the famous archaeological site of Petra, trying to capture snapshots of the most particular moments of their routine. 


This is perhaps one of the most fascinating things I have learned while traveling: even if some situations may seem inconceivable to our eyes (such as living in the mud or moving around riding a donkey), those people used to these realities do not seem to show any signs of difficulty and indeed , shows itself to the tourist with a disarming naturalness.